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Leading CSR Innovation

As TurboVote Challenge members assert themselves as champions of civic engagement, they simultaneously boost their brand’s public reputation and distinguish themselves as a top workplace for employees. According a survey conducted in July 2018, Americans want their favorite brands to participate in democracy. 

If they knew that the company has encouraged people to participate in our democracy, provided information about issues in their community, and distribute resources to help them register to vote, all other things being equal:


“Voter turnout last topped 80 percent in a national election 128 years ago. Reaching that level of turnout again will require large-scale, sustained efforts from across the country.

I’m excited to see what kinds of unexpected participants we can bring together toward that goal, and how they’ll each contribute to increasing civic engagement.” 

- Kathryn Peters, Democracy Works Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer



TurboVote Challenge Summit

Each year, the TurboVote Challenge Summit brings together leaders from a diverse set of companies—Facebook, Snap, Target, BET Networks, Airbnb and others—to learn about new insights in voter engagement, discover innovative approaches to voter participation campaigns, and receive actionable tools that simplify the process of developing a campaign.

Executive Board

The TurboVote Challenge Executive Board, comprised of leading members of the Challenge, meets quarterly. Their role is to develop and implement strategic, cross-sector plans for voter engagement, while tracking progress towards our goal of increased voter turnout.






With more than 3 million voters on the platform, TurboVote is a one-stop-shop to make the process of registering to vote and getting to the polls simple. Users can receive text and email notifications with personalized information to help register, vote by mail, or vote in-person for every election. It alerts them about upcoming elections, helps them re-register to vote after a move, guides them through the vote by mail process, and directs them to their polling place on Election Day. 

Partner features

Use your co-branded TurboVote site to build awareness about your company's dedication to elevating democracy. TurboVote includes an administrative dashboard that lets you to track your outreach in real time. Combine this with our corporate communications templates, comprehensive media toolkit, and messaging best practices and you have everything you need to lead your community in an effective civic engagement campaign.