In 2018, the TurboVote Challenge helped over 2.7 million people register to vote and more than 4.9 million people find their polling place.

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Corporate America stepped up to help more of their employees, customers, and audiences participate in the 2018 midterm elections than ever before.


TurboVote Challenge partners helped over 2.7 million users register to vote in 2018, accounting for over 90 percent of the total traffic on TurboVote.


TurboVote Challenge partners helped more than 4.9 million people find their polling place on getothepolls.com, accounting for over 90 percent of the total traffic.


Empowering Employees

Salesforce, KIND, Microsoft, Patagonia, Starbucks, and Target provided thousands of employees with reminders, resources, and key information to make sure they were registered and ready to vote in all 50 states.


Activating Audiences 

Notifications from Facebook, Snap, Twitter, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Spotify, Uncommon Goods, and Amazon appeared on virtually every device, app, and screen. These companies activated their audiences with innovative campaigns, ranging from rides to the polls to push notifications.

Snapchat sent users to TurboVote via a mass snap on National Voter Registration Day and referred 1.4 million users to our site, Get to the Polls, to find their polling place during the election.

Instagram created an “I Voted” sticker that promoted Get To The Polls to get users to encourage their friends to vote.


Our Data in Action

Tracking different deadlines, rules, and procedures for elections in all 50 states can get messy. Google, Facebook, Lyft, and Uber used Democracy Works’s election and polling location data to amplify the impact of their campaigns.

Facebook’s Election Day reminders are powered by our API, which tracks thousands of local, special, primary, state, and federal elections every year.


Google integrated our data into search products about voting, registration, and polling places.


Aligning Corporate Networks

Democracy isn’t a spectator sport—we’re all in it together. That’s why the TurboVote Challenge is proud to support fellow corporate coalitions like the Civic Culture Coalition’s I am a voter. and CEO-led Time to Vote by powering their voting tools and providing strategic and programmatic expertise.


Making Headlines

Our media partners make a splash with specials including The View’s “Vote Your View” series, MTV’s +1thevote, ABC’s Election Day PSAs, Freeform and ATTN: “March to the Polls”, VICE’s National Voter Registration Day platform shut down, and this spicy video from Buzzfeed.


The successes of many TurboVote Challenge companies were featured in a wide array of media outlets including the New York Times, Reuters, Wired, USA Today, CNET, Fortune, and Billboard.  


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